Furniture Removal Edinburgh

Furniture Removal Edinburgh

Are you looking for ‘small removals near me’ on your phone? It is an exhausting task to find the most reliable service provider that would yield quality work for an affordable price. A great place for expert quality services is Guardian Removals and Storage. They have a team of experts to help you at every step of old furniture removal. Today, they stand tall with a reputation as the most dependable agency for furniture removal Edinburgh.

However, before you make your decisions, a list of tips and tricks have been added to assist you in your selection. Following these steps, you would be able to find a reliable service provider to help you with unwanted furniture removal.

Take a look at the list below:

Survey the place

Before the final day of furniture removal, the team should be willing to survey the entire site. The inspection should include a thorough tour of the place. This would help the team to figure out the place before the final day. Such inspection should be taken care of voluntarily by the team. For a foolproof service, the team should visit your place and conduct their inspection free of cost. Nobody wants a ruckus on the final day of shifting. Therefore, to avoid all confusion, you should look for a team that shows its interest in offering reliable service.

Check the license

Before hiring any furniture removal service, you should make sure that the service provider has a government-issued license. A government authorised service provider would be easy to track in case of any mishap. You would be able to connect to them through their registration number and employee’s license. For example, if you are looking for furniture removal near me, the employee should be a member of The British Association of Removers. Most companies provide such information on their website. If you do not find their license on the website, you should call and ask them. If the response is not satisfactory, you should not continue with their service.

Storage Space

Emergencies can take place anytime. You might have to vacate your current place a day or two before the day of furniture removal. In such instances, you might have to store your furniture at a storage house. The storage house should be weather-proof. For old furniture removal, you should trust an agency that offers safe storage. The storage facility should be completely sealed off from outer interference. If a storage facility is not available, you might be at a sudden disadvantage.

Policy regarding delays

Sometimes, you might have to keep your furniture for an extra day or two. For such conditions, removal services often charge extra money. You should communicate with them about the prices of keeping your furniture. Some agencies might charge for per hour stay while others might stick to monthly. Such information would be available on their website under the column ‘terms and conditions’. If such information is not available, you should talk to the team personally to get all your doubts clarified.


Apart from removal, agencies might also provide you an option to get rid of old furniture. You would be able to get a certain amount in exchange for the furniture. This is the best way to get rid of old and tarnished furniture. You would be able to make space for new furniture at home or in the office.


The cost of services should be verified before the commencement of the service. The best way to choose the ideal furniture removal Edinburgh is to compare the prices of all agencies. Only after proper research and comparison, you would be able to find the most competent prices in the market. All you need to do is check websites for their services and prices. Then proper tools of comparison would help you to find the best agency in the market.

To sum it all up, Guardian Removals and Storage is the right choice for you. From old bed removal to sofa removal, you would find all services under one roof. For more information, check their website thoroughly. They have all their services listed accordingly. Call them now for reliable furniture removal Edinburgh.


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