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Guardian Removals and Storage Ltd is a well established, well known Removal Company in Edinburgh. We are dedicated to providing secure archiving and records management services in Edinburgh; The security of your documents is our top priority, and we aim to ensure that you can be confident in our security. some other services which we include are, Piano Removals and Packaging Services.

We are situated in Edinburgh and we can provide a quality service across Edinburgh and many of the surrounding areas.

Records Management in Edinburgh: All You need to Know About it

Are you looking for a storage facility in and across Edinburgh? If yes, you should make sure the records management functions are strictly carried out by whichever service provider you consider.

At Guardian Removals and Storage, we strive to provide you top quality service in Edinburgh for removal and storage. Our dedicated team works 24*7 to lift, remove, or store anything indefinitely using the right storage techniques for proper preservation. When you choose us, we take full responsibility to store your goods efficiently at the most affordable price.

We have been in the industry for years now; our business has been the talk of the town. When people are shifting their homes or offices, they usually need some help with the packaging, storage, removal, moving of goods. Our experienced professionals are always there to guide you.

Our clientele has expanded massively in recent times; we are doing efficient records management in Edinburgh for further expansion of our business.

What is Business Records?

Any information that needs to be stored for a certain period of time for legal, business or regulatory proceedings is referred to as a business record.

  Why use a Records Storage Facility?

  1. Saves time, space and resources: We know organising extensive file work in-house is cumbersome and time-consuming. We do not want you to spend your invaluable time in organising papers on your desk.
  2. Secured-storage facility: Our high-security rooms keep your documents safe at all costs: be it fire, floods or theft.

How does a Records Management System work?

We provide two options for efficient records storage:

  1. Off-site documents management system: All your extensive paper and file works are stored in a climate-controlled facility under 24*7 CCTV surveillance. This not only makes your office desk and space cleaner but also stores files in a more organised manner to help you find them more easily.
  2. Digital storage and management system: This saves a lot of space; we can simply store all your documents in a database, maintaining utmost confidentiality. You will have the access to the database and you will be able to view all your documents whenever you need to.


If your official documents are piling up on your desk; and you are looking for records management in Edinburgh to organise them for you; contact Guardian Removals and Storage today for an affordable quote!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Guardian Removals and Storage Ltd via telephone – 01315 516 780 or via Email:

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