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Guardian Removals and Storage Ltd is a well established, well known Removal Company in Edinburgh offering new storage containers online for rent, we also provide online bookings, reservations and payments, driving up and putting your items into storage.

Being a leading removal & storage company in Edinburgh, Guardian Removals and Storage Ltd offers excellent value container storage, from commercial storage to domestic storage. If you’re looking for affordable storage in Edinburgh, ensure you check the quality of the storage units, access and security before making your decision. We offer flexible rental options with excellent value and low prices.

At Guardian Removals and Storage Ltd our aim is to provide a quality service of Commercial Removals; some other services which we include are, Piano Removals and Packaging Services.

No Advance Deposite

Hidden costs are the most frustrating thing to the customers. This is the reason we are always upfront about our prices in each & every step of the way. Our charges are the most competitive prices for containerised storage in Edinburgh and there is no advance deposit you need to pay. Yes, you heard right! no advance deposit you need to pay on the container and no deposit for your gate entry remote control.

Containerised Storage in Edinburgh vs Self Storage: Knowing the differences

Third party storage solutions are being increasingly demanded all across the UK. From customised self-storage solutions to containerised storage Edinburgh and other storage and shipping solutions, there is a steep rise in the demand of various storage facilities. While most people are not completely aware of the little intricacies of the storage industry, a majority of UK residents consider containerised storage and self-storage solutions to be the same.

Although, in reality, the case is different. These two types of storage are different from each other and have spate sets of features and offerings for customers. While companies like Guardian Removals and Storage provide all kinds of reliable containerised storage Edinburgh along with various other kinds of storage and removal solutions, you must be aware of the basic differences between containers and self-storage facilities.

Containerised Storage in Edinburgh vs Self Storage: The key variations

It is very common and easy to get confused between these two kinds of storage solutions available in the UK. But every customer opting for a certain storage solution must be well aware of the various options and what sets them apart. As you read this blog, you will come to know about the major differences between self-storage and containerised storage solutions. Consequently, you can make the best choice based on your needs and the kind that is more suitable for your specific requirements.

  1. While self-storage is a kind of storage that requires you to do most of the work. For instance, if you rent a self-storage unit in a warehouse, and you have free access to the unit, you will have to move in the items of storage and move them out, as and when you want and also ensure the space is appropriate and secure for the kinds of item you want to store. For containerised storage in Edinburgh, the case is different. It is, in fact, a more efficient form of storage where your belongings are packed by professionals and put into a container in a safe and secure manner.
  2. While self-storage units have unlimited and spontaneous access, containerised storage Edinburgh offer limited access. That is, you can only access your belongings at a specific period or frame of time, on the basis of pre-planned appointments.
  3. Containerised storage facilities are usually much safer than self-storage units and ensure better security and peace of mind.
  4. Containerised storage Edinburgh are less expensive as compared to self-storage units in the area and the other parts of the country.
  5. Containers have stricter level of access control within the perimeter of storage area as compared to self-storage units.

What is a better choice: Containerised storage Edinburgh or self-storage?

The answer of the above question completely depends on the kind of needs and requirements a specific person has. Self-storage units are more suitable for people who require flexible access and store items for a relatively shorter period of time.

On the other hand, containerised storage solutions are designed for people who are in need of an organised and well-managed storage option with high security. Guardian Removals and Storage offers economical and quality containerised storage Edinburgh. Contact them for all your storage, removal, and other requirements and get the most suitable solutions for all your needs.


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